The All India Institutes of Medical Sciences are a group of autonomous government public medical universities of higher education under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. AIIMS Raipur is one of the SIX AIIMS healthcare institute governed under the Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojna (PMSSY).

AIIMS Raipur Website

AIIMS Raipur Address → Gate No, 1, Great Eastern Rd, opposite Gurudwara, AIIMS Campus, Tatibandh, Raipur, Chhattisgarh 492099

AIIMS Raipur Enquiry Number

0771-2572240 AIIMS Raipur Hospital Enquiry
0771-2573777 AIIMS Raipur Administrative Office Enquiry
07647079643 AIIMS Raipur OPD Helpline Number (09:30 AM to 01:30 PM)
07647079634 AIIMS Raipur OBS & Gyne Enquiry (Monday to Friday 03:00PM to 05:00PM)
07647079635 AIIMS Raipur Medical Oncology Enquiry (Monday to Friday 03:00PM to 05:00PM)
07647070612 AIIMS Raipur COVID19 Helpline Number
09589885817 AIIMS Raipur COVID19 Helpline Number

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AIIMS Raipur OPD Department Wise Detail & Contact Numbers 

(Group 1) Day: Mon-Sat (Time:- 09:30am to 11:30am)

Contact Number Department
7647079638 General Medicine & Cardiology
7647079638 General Medicine & Cardiology
7647079633 General surgery
7647079635 ENT
7647079639 Dental
7647079642 Urology(On Every Friday)
7647079640 PMR(On Every Wednesday)
7647079642 Neurosurgery(On Every Saturday)

AIIMS Raipur OPD Department Wise Detail & Contact Numbers 

(Group 2) Day: Mon-Sat (time: – 11:30am to 01:30pm)

Contact Number Department
7647079641 Skin
7647079640 Orthopedic
7647079639 Ophthal
9981992903 Psychiatry (9.00am to 05.00pm)
7647079637 Pediatric
7647079638 Homeopathy (On Every Tuesday)
7647079638 Unani (On Every Thursday)
7647079638 Ayurvedic (On Every Friday)
7647079642 Nephrology (On Every Friday)
7647079642 Endocrinology (on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)

AIIMS Raipur Hospital Offical Contact

1Academic/Student AffairsDr. S.P. Dhaneria (Dean)0771-2970617[email protected]
2HospitalHospital Related Enquiry0771-2572240
(Medical Superintendent)0771-2573555[email protected]
3Deputy Director (Admin)Mr. Anshuman Gupta0771-2573222[email protected]
4Senior Administrative OfficerMr. V. Sitaramu0771-2573777[email protected]
5Recruitment Related AffairsRecruitment Cell0771-2577267[email protected]
6Finance AffairsMr. B. K. Agrawal0771-2573666[email protected]
0771-2971308[email protected]
7Engineering Related AffairsLt Col Rajesh Singh0771-2572930, 0771-2572929[email protected]
8Stores/Purchase Related Affairs(Store Officer)0771-2971307[email protected]
9SecurityMrs. Upasana K. Singh0771-2577337[email protected]

AIIMS Raipur Hospital Offical Contact For Other Query

1IT RelatedIT0771-2971109[email protected], [email protected]
2NPS/ PF RelatedAccounts0771-2971308[email protected]
3Library RelatedLibrary0771-2577277
4Pathology RelatedPathology0771-2577257
5Medical College SecuritySecurity0771-2577205

AIIMS Raipur Hospital Administrative Staff

Name Designation Email Address Contact (Office)
Medical Superintendent [email protected] 0771-2573555
Mr. Anshuman Gupta Deputy Director Administration [email protected] 0771-2573222
Mr. B.K Agrawal Financial Adviser [email protected] 0771-2573666
Lt Col Rajesh Singh Superintendent Engineer [email protected] 0771-2572930
Mr. V. Sitaramu Senior Administrative Officer [email protected] 0771-2573777