To control the harmful consequences of misinformation and WhatsApp appointed a Grievance Officer that partner with civil society, engaged with government authorities and other technology platforms to help and address. If you have a concern regarding the usage of WhatsApp or the processing of your information, then you can visit the WhatsApp Help Center page. If you would like to contact WhatsApp in India, open WhatsApp Settings > tap Help > Contact Us.

Contact the WhatsApp Grievance Officer

You can contact the Grievance Officer in India with your complaints or concerns, including WhatsApp Terms of Service, WhatsApp India Payments Terms of Service, Questions about your account. To contact the Grievance Officer, please send an email at [email protected] with your complaint or concern and with an electronic signature. If you’re contacting WhatsApp about a specific account, please include your phone number in full international format, including the country code.

You may also contact the WhatsApp India Grievance Officer via post at the following address: Paresh B Lal, Post Box No. 56, Road No. 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500 034, Telangana, India

Please do not use the Grievance Officer channel for any law enforcement requests, or to serve any legal process. If you are a law enforcement official, please read our information for law enforcement authorities on how you can contact us.

Additionally, you can also contact WhatsApp in India via post at the following address: Post Box No. 56, Road No. 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500 034, Telangana, India

Contact WhatsApp For UPI Payments

If you would like to contact WhatsApp about UPI based payments, then you can choose the below option to reach at the solution.

  • Open WhatsApp Settings > tap Payments > Help, or
  • Open WhatsApp Settings > tap Payments > Payments History > Transaction Details > Help, or
  • Tap the payment message > Transaction Details, or
  • Call 1800-212-8552 between the hours of 7:00AM to 8:00PM IST

A dedicated team works to handle UPI based payments disputes and inqueries. For issues with payments, please read this article.