Karnal, located in the state of Haryana, India, and is the administrative headquarters of Karnal District. It was used by East India Company army as a refuge during the Indian Rebellion of 1857 in Delhi. The Battle of Karnal between Nader Shah of Persia and the Mughal Empire took place in this city in 1739. If you are having any issue related to concerned authorities which come under the Karnal district, can contact the Govt Administration officer numbers or visit the given address for any help.

Officers Karnal District Contact

Name Designation Email Landline No Address
Sh. Sanjeev Verma, IAS Commissioner, Karnal Division Karnal [email protected] 0184-2267999 Mall Road , Karnal
Smt. Bharti Arora, IPS Inspector General of Police, Karnal Range [email protected] 0184-2283222 Near Nirmal Kutia Chowk, Sector-7, Karnal
Sh. Nishant Kumar Yadav, IAS Deputy Commissioner, Karnal [email protected] 0184-2267500 First Floor, Mini Secretariat, Karnal
Sh. Ganga Ram Punia, IPS Superintendent of Police, Karnal [email protected] 0184-2267700 Third Floor, Mini Secretariat, Karnal
Sh. Vikram, IAS Commissioner, Nagar Nigam Karnal & CEO, Smart City Karnal [email protected] 0184-2254220 Municipal Corporation, Karnal
Smt. Veena Hooda, HCS Additional Deputy Commissioner, Karnal [email protected] 0184-2267351 Second Floor, Mini Secretariat, Karnal
Smt. Veena Hooda, HCS Secretary RTA, Karnal [email protected] Near Karan Stadium, Karnal
Sh. Sahil Gupta, IAS S.D.O. (C), Assandh [email protected] 01749-278334 New Tehsil Campus, Assandh
Sh. Ayush Sinha, IAS S.D.O. (C), Karnal [email protected] 0184-2267701 Ground Floor, Mini Secretariat, Karnal
Sh. Sumeet Sihag, HCS S.D.O. (C), Indri [email protected] 0184-2383700 New Tehsil Campus, Indri
Dr. Pooja Bharti, HCS S.D.O. (C), Gharaunda [email protected] 01748-250200 New Tehsil Campus, Gharaunda
Sh. Gaurav Kumar,HCS CEO,Zila Parishad Panchayat Bhawan,Karnal
Ms. Isha Kamboj, HCS Joint Director (Admn.), Kalpana Chawla Government Medical College, Karnal [email protected] 0184-2266254 Kalpana Chawla Medical College Campus, Karnal
Smt. Aditi, HCS MD, Sugar Mills, Karnal [email protected] 0184-2284265 Meerut Road, Karnal
Sh. Gagandeep Singh-II, HCS Joint Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Karnal Municipal Corporation, Karnal
Sh. Abhay Singh Jangra, HCS City Magistrate, Karnal [email protected] 0184-2267220 First Floor, Mini Secretariat, Karnal
Sh. Rajbir Singh District Development & Panchayat Officer [email protected] 0184-2267892 Second Floor, Mini Secretariat, Karnal
Sh. Suresh Kumar District Revenue Officer [email protected] 0184-2267271 First Floor, Mini Secretariat, Karnal