Rewari District Administration Officers Contact Number

The Rewari District Administration is responsible for the overall governance and administration of the Rewari district in the Indian state of Haryana. The district administration is headed by the Deputy Commissioner, who acts as the chief executive officer of the district and is responsible for the maintenance of law and order, collection of revenue, and overall development of the district.

The district administration is assisted by several departments such as the Revenue Department, the Health Department, the Education Department, the Police Department, and the Agriculture Department, among others. The administration also works in close coordination with the elected representatives of the district, including the Members of the Legislative Assembly and the Members of Parliament.

The district administration is committed to the welfare of the people and is constantly working towards providing better services to the citizens. It is responsible for implementing various government schemes and programs aimed at improving the standard of living of the people in the district. The district administration also provides support and assistance to various non-government organizations working for the betterment of the people in the district.

Rewari Deputy Commissioner Contact Details

Contact Person – Sh. Ashok Kumar Garg, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Rewari (Haryana) Phone: 01274-226666, Email: [email protected]

Designation Office Residence Email Address
DC Rewari Contact Number 01274-225368 01274-225246,01274-23779 [email protected]
ADC Rewari Contact 01274-225249, 01274-24447 01274-225250 [email protected]
SP Rewari Contact Number 01274-222790, 01274-23317 01274-222491,01274-223224 [email protected]
SDM Rewari Contact Number 01274-222270 01274-225660 [email protected]
SDM Bawal Contact 01284-260055 01284-260055 [email protected]
SDM Kosli Contact 01259-275106 01259-275375 [email protected]
CTM Rewari Contact 01274-225161 01274-225162 [email protected]
Secy RTA/DTO Contact 01274-225245 01274-225367 [email protected]
EstateOff.HUDA Rewari Contact 01274-225284 01274-225284 [email protected]
DRO Rewari Contact 01274-225145 01274-225124 [email protected]
DIO-NIC Contact 01274-224494 01274-225314 [email protected]
DDPO Rewari Contact 01274-225257 01274-225212/222912 [email protected]
Dy SP Rewari Contact 01274-225141 01274-225274 [email protected]
Dy SP Kosli Contact 01274-275034 01274-277227 [email protected]
DFO (AP) Rewari Contact 01274-254568 01274-223568 [email protected]
SE, Irrigation Rewari Contact 01274-256894 01274-256531 [email protected]
SE, Pub. Health Rewari Contact 01274-253392 01274-260344 [email protected]
Xen. W/S No. 1 Contact 01274-256759 01274-256759 [email protected]
Xen. W/S No. 2 Contact 01274-256727 01274-256727 [email protected]
Xen. PWD (B&R) Contact 01274-256936 01274-222583 [email protected]
Xen. HSEB, Rewari. Contact 01274-254762 01274-253754 [email protected]
Xen. HSEB, Dharuhera Contact 01274-242103 01274-242104 [email protected]
Xen. HSAMB Rewari Contact 01274-224187 01274-256996 [email protected]
Xen. JLN(Mech) Contact Rewari Contact 01274-256466 01274-256466 [email protected]
Xen. P/Health Rewari Contact 01274-254741,01274-25974 01274-224799 [email protected]
DETC (S&T) Rewari Contact 01274-225147 01274-223370 [email protected]
DETC (Ex.) Rewari Contact 01274-222833,01274-23846 01274-2330574 [email protected]
DFSC Rewari Contact 01274-225214 01274-225214 [email protected]
GM DIC Rewari Contact 01274-225178 9810002472 [email protected]
GM Roadways Rewari Contact  01274-253788 01274-225267 [email protected]
Civil Surgeon Rewari Contact 01274-256769,01274-54743 01274-256086,01274-253811 [email protected]
DE Rewari Contact (Telephones)  01274-256217 01274-225218 [email protected]
DEO Rewari Contact 01274-224159 01274-224159 [email protected]
Employment Office Rewari Contact. 01274-224013 01274-224013 [email protected]
DPRO Rewari Contact 01274-223874,01274-22182 01274-223491 [email protected]
DD (Agriculture) Rewari Contact 01274-222322 01274-257234 [email protected]
DD (A/Husbandry) Rewari Contact 01274-225936 01274-224791 [email protected]
DTP Rewari Contact 01274-225155 01274-225155 [email protected]
DSWO Rewari Contact 01274-222361 01274-222361 [email protected]
Treasury Officer Rewari Contact 01274-224144 01274-224144 [email protected]