AIIMS Mangalagiri Contact Number

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Mangalagiri is a medical research public higher education institute located in the Mangalagiri Tadepalle Municipal Corporation in Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh, India. AIIMS Mangalagiri is one of the AIIMS healthcare institutes being established by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India under the Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojna (PMSSY). For any hospital and patient-related inquiry then you can contact the AIIMS Mangalagiri contact number.

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AIIMS Mangalagiri Address → All India Institute of Medical Sciences, AIIMS MG Campus, Mangalagiri, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh – 522503

AIIMS Mangalagiri Enquiry Number

9493065718 AIIMS Mangalagiri Enquiry Number
8523007940 AIIMS Mangalagiri Enquiry Number
9441758419 AIIMS Mangalagiri COVID Helpline Number
9440642909 AIIMS Mangalagiri COVID Helpline Number

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AIIMS Mangalagiri Contact Directory

Name Designation Email Contact Number
Dr. T.S Ravi Kumar President [email protected] 044-26413281
Mr. V. Suresh Reddy PA to President [email protected]
Dr. Mukesh Tripathi Director & CEO [email protected] 08645-231133
Mr. Naveen Anne PA to Director [email protected] 9705124596
Shri Anshuman Gupta, DD(A) AIIMS, Raipur Deputy Director (Administration) (Additional Charge) [email protected] 0771-2573666
Mr. K Pavan Kumar PA to DDA (Admin) [email protected] 9550637122
Mrs. Sushma B Administrative Officer,  Procurement Officer [email protected] [email protected] 9940403610
Mr. SK. Asif Stenographer, PA to Procurement Officer [email protected] 9640255019
Mr. Sudarsan Swain Superintending Engineer [email protected] 9437512939
Mr. M. Appaji Executive Engineer (Civil) [email protected] 8143781387
Mr. Rajesh Kumar Pachigolla Executive Engineer (Electrical) [email protected] 7982461272
Mr. Krishna Yugendar Prasad LDC (Engineering Department, Establishment Section) [email protected] 9705124596
Mr. R. Shyam Kumar Jr. Engineer (Civil) [email protected] 9490188768
Prof Dr Shreemanta Kumar Dash Faculty In Charge Procurement [email protected] 8518881795
Dr. Purushotham Lingaiah Faculty I/C Stores [email protected] 8587902160
Dr. Prudhvinath Reddy  Nodal Officer (Procurement from HLL HITES) [email protected] 9900457969
Mr. P Sunil DEO [email protected] 9030959547
Mr. K Pavan Kumar PA to Consultant (Admin) [email protected] 9550637122
Dr. Shreemanta Kumar Dash Prof. Incharge library [email protected] 8518881795
Mr. O.V. Nageswara Rao Consultant (Senior Librarian) [email protected] 9100946853
Mrs. Bharatha Vinoda Librarian Attendant [email protected] 8121212384
Dr. PK Sankaran Media cell In-charge [email protected] 8148876508
Mr. Saidaiah Ikkurthi Media Cell co-incharge [email protected] 8437571866
Dr. Jyoti Pramod Kulkarni Chairman- Prevention of Sexual harassment of women at workplace [email protected] 9474662901
Dr. Arun Kumar Siddamsetty Nodal Officer CPGRAMS [email protected] 9990905809
Dr. Senthil Velou M Liaison Officer [email protected] 9944540994
Dr. A Mohan Kumar Liaison Officer OBC [email protected] 9544574411


Finance and Accounts:

Shri. Devakivada Govinda Rao Financial Advisor [email protected] 8500292859
Mr. Suresh Kumar Accounts Officer cum DDO [email protected] 9848695847
Mr. Naveen U Cashier [email protected] 7558986516

Dean Academic: [email protected]

Dr. Joy A Ghoshal Dean (Academic) [email protected] 9833999282
Mr. K. Rajith Bhargava DEO, (Academic) [email protected] 9494064196
Mr. G S V Satyanarayana DEO Anatomy (Academic) [email protected] 9704377937
Dr. Vidya Desai Sripad Associate Dean (Academic) [email protected] 9399972347
Dr. I S Chaitanya Assistant Dean (Academic) [email protected] 9440106689

Dean Research: [email protected]

Dr. Deepti Vepakomma Dean (Research) [email protected] 9972398525
Dr. Sushil Sharma Associate Dean (Research) [email protected] 8551896960
Dr. Arti Gupta Assistant Dean (Research) [email protected] 9412902976

Dean Examination: [email protected]

Dr. Shreemanta Kumar Dash Dean (Examination) [email protected] 8518881795
Dr. Uttara Das Associate Dean (Examination) [email protected] 9849551704
Dr. Y. Anil Kumar Reddy Assistant Dean (Examination) [email protected] 9766962119

Recruitment Cell: [email protected]

Dr.Rajashekar Mohan Faculty I/C [email protected] 9845806323
Dr. Montosh Chakraborty Registrar / Member Recruitment cell [email protected] [email protected] 7063956212
Dr. Anil Kumar Reddy.Y Member [email protected] 9766962119
Mr. Saidaiah Ikkurthi Member [email protected] 8437571866


Mrs. Suhasini Sharma Hostel Warden [email protected] 8518881932
Mr. Kiran Kumar D Hostel Warden [email protected] 9948149798

Hospital, AIIMS Mangalagiri:

Dr. Vineet Thomas Abraham Medical Superintendent [email protected] 9786912460
Dr. Purushotham Lingaiah DMS [email protected] 8587902160
Dr. Vamsidhar Chamala DMS [email protected] 8867305588
Dr. Vamsi Krishna Reddy Kollu DMS [email protected] 9700910366
Dr. Prudhvinath Reddy.A DMS [email protected] 9900457969
Mr. K Nitin Raviteja PA to Medical Superintendent [email protected] 8985151338

Anatomy: [email protected]

Dr. Joy A Ghoshal Professor [email protected] 9833999282
Dr. Jyoti P. Kulkarni Additional Professor [email protected] 9474662901
Dr. PK Sankaran Associate Professor [email protected] 8148876508
Dr. Bikash Chandra Satapathy Assistant Professor [email protected] 8518887315
Dr. Sarah R Assistant Professor [email protected] 9962267590
Dr. Nandha Kumar S Assistant Professor [email protected] 8696684325
Dr. Anil Kumar Reddy.Y Assistant Professor [email protected] 9766962119
Dr. Sangeetha A Assistant Professor [email protected] 9994217246
Dr. Kishore S Assistant Professor [email protected] 9871862612
Dr. Senthil Murugan M Tutor/Demonstrator [email protected] 8072901249

Anestheosiology: [email protected]

Dr. Mukesh Tripathi  Professor [email protected]
Dr. C Vamsidhar Assistant Professor [email protected] 8867305588
Dr. Sunit Kumar Gupta Assistant Professor [email protected] 9878984295
Dr. Metta Rajasekhar Senior Resident 9705634217
Dr. Ranjitha. N Senior Resident 9003800025

Biochemistry: [email protected]

Dr. Desai Vidya Sripad Additional Professor [email protected] 9399972347
Dr. Montosh Chakraborty Associate Professor [email protected] 7063956212
Dr. Bari Siddiqui M A Assistant professor [email protected] 9000864804
Dr. V. Naga Guhan Assistant professor [email protected] 9544217381
Dr. Rabari Kamlesh Karshan Assistant professor [email protected] 8447307630
Mr. Saidaiah Ikkurthi Tutor/Demonstrator [email protected] 8437571866
Dr. Krishna Rao G Tutor/Demonstrator [email protected] 8531049928

Burns & Plastic Surgery: [email protected]

Dr. Chirra Likhitha Reddy Assistant Professor [email protected] 9581241574

Community and Family Medicine: [email protected]

Dr. Rajeev Aravindakshan Additional Professor [email protected] 9961275969
Dr. Debnath Dhrubajyoti Jahar Associate Professor [email protected] 9975258657
Dr. Sathiyanarayanan.S Associate Professor [email protected] 9597339969
Dr. Arti Gupta Assistant Professor [email protected] 9412902976
Dr. Venkatashivareddy B Assistant Professor [email protected] 9027138309
Dr. Yamini M Assistant Professor [email protected] 8973549194
Dr. Navya Krishna Naidu Tutor/Demonstrator [email protected] 7799415046
Dr. Vinoth Kumar Kalidoss Tutor/Demonstrator [email protected] 9944474500

Dentistry: [email protected]

Dr. Cheranjeevi Jayam Associate Professor [email protected] 8894337313
Dr. Shikha Yadav Assistant Professor [email protected] 8872792010
Dr. Jitendra Chawla Gulabrai Assistant Professor [email protected] 9075116144
Dr. Navaneeth Y Senior Resident 9886804244
Dr. Swapnika Polineni Senior Resident 8500352999

Dermatology: [email protected]

Dr. Hima Gopinath Associate Professor [email protected] 9844218604
Dr. Prabhakaran N Assistant Professor [email protected] 7868023215
Dr. Jami Rupa Ramani Senior Resident 7981870842

ENT: [email protected]

Dr. Satvinder Singh Bakshi Associate Professor [email protected] 7418101892
Dr. Seepana Ramesh Assistant Professor [email protected] 9490713477
Dr. Soumyajit Das Assistant Professor [email protected] 9864371311

Endocrinology and Metabolism: [email protected]

Dr. Suresh Vaikkakara Professor [email protected] 9493547687
Dr. Kishore Kumar Katam Assistant Professor [email protected] 8074088018

Forensic Medicine and Toxicology: [email protected]

Dr. Shreemanta Kumar Dash Professor [email protected] 8518881795
Dr. Nithin MD Additional Professor [email protected] 9845378227
Dr. Senthil Kumaran M Associate Professor [email protected] 8940355577
Dr. Arun Kumar S Assistant Professor [email protected] 9990905809
Dr. Bedanta Sarma Assistant Professor [email protected] 7002513141

General Medicine: [email protected]

Dr. Upparakadiyala Rakesh Assistant Professor [email protected] 9492944966
Dr. Divya Peddireddy Assistant Professor [email protected] 8754452685
Dr. Mohammad Asif Senior Resident 8374743732
Dr. Kumbha Dhanusha Senior Resident 8985056842
Dr. Bandi Haritha Senior Resident 9008226250

General Surgery: [email protected]

Dr. Rajashekar Mohan Professor & HOD (General Surgery) [email protected] 9845806323
Dr. Naresh Kumar P Associate Professor [email protected] 9865086444
Dr. Hemanth Kumar Singh Assistant Professor [email protected] 9969126257
Dr. Pavithra B Assistant Professor [email protected] 8277236993

Hospital Administration:

Dr. Desu Ramamohan Professor [email protected] 9490795836
Dr. Vamsi Krishna Reddy Kollu Assistant Professor [email protected] 9700910366
Dr. Mede Charan Raj Senior Resident

Microbiology: [email protected]

Dr. Sumit Rai Professor & HOD [email protected] 9650771813
Dr. V.Mangayar Karasi Additional Professor [email protected] 9840410566
Dr. A Mohan Kumar Assistant Professor [email protected] 9544574411
Dr. Debabrata Dash Assistant Professor [email protected] 8895628466
Dr. Nidhima Aggarwal Assistant Professor [email protected] 9413906934
Dr. Manochandrika Yarra Senior Resident
Dr. Pradeep Kumar V Senior Resident 8015939924

Neonatology: [email protected]

Dr. H S Sanjana Assistant Professor [email protected] 8940011358

Nephrology: [email protected]

Dr. Uttara Das Professor [email protected] 9849551704

Neurology: [email protected]

Dr. Alex Rebello Assistant Professor [email protected] 8110087168

Neurosurgery: [email protected]

Dr. Rajasekhar Rekapalli Assistant Professor [email protected] 8872383292

Nuclear Medicine: [email protected]

Dr. Konudula Sreenivasa Reddy Assistant Professor  [email protected] 8447662283
Dr. B Sarath Kumar Assistant Professor [email protected] 9159543593

Obstetrics and Gynaecology: [email protected]

Dr. Sharmila V Additional Professor [email protected] 9843776367
Dr. Pragati Trigunait Assistant Professor [email protected] 9587308426
Dr. Priyanka Yoga Purini Assistant Professor [email protected] 7382078285
Dr. Vandana Kamatham Assistant Professor [email protected] 9787424158
Dr. Garikapati Kavitha Assistant Professor [email protected] 9550068079
Dr. G.Amulya Senior Resident 6302286115
Dr. J.Nanditha Senior Resident 9493821918

Ophthalmology: [email protected]

Dr. Pratyusha Ganne Assistant Professor [email protected] 7904389243
Dr. Parri Muralidhar Assistant Professor [email protected] 9176012057
Dr. Balamurugan R Assistant Professor [email protected] 7087796565
Dr. Mada Harika Senior Resident
Dr. Divya Deepthi Syamala Senior Resident 6281655883

Orthopaedics: [email protected]

Dr. Vineet Thomas Abraham Additional Professor [email protected] 9786912460
Dr. Muni Srikanth I Associate Professor [email protected] 7207259123
Dr. Purushotham Lingaiah Assistant Professor [email protected] 8587902160
Dr. Kalyan Deepak Assistant Professor [email protected] 9845257003
Dr. Venkateswar Reddy Seelam Senior Resident 9985276587

Pathology: [email protected]

Dr. Jyotsna Naresh Bharti Additional Professor & HOD [email protected] 9899047062
Dr. Arundhathi S Associate Professor [email protected] 9449670559
Dr. T. Santosh Assistant Professor [email protected] 8895495670
Dr. Poongodi.R Assistant Professor [email protected] 9865570218
Dr. Jyoti Verma Assistant Professor [email protected] 6387250244
Dr. Prashant Joshi Assistant Professor [email protected] 9968590007
Dr. Manda Sindhura Senior Resident [email protected]
Dr. Michael Leonard Anthony Senior Resident [email protected]
Dr. Gayathri Dronadula Senior Resident [email protected]
Dr. Josephain Kanakapudi Senior Resident [email protected]


Dr. Arun Babu T Additional Professor [email protected] 9944701700
Dr. Rachna Pasi Assistant Professor [email protected] 9690411777
Dr. Diptirekha Satapathy Assistant Professor [email protected] 8518887314

Pediatric Surgery: [email protected]

Dr. Deepti Vepakomma Professor [email protected] 9972398525
Dr. Janjala Narahari Assistant Professor [email protected] 9495126769

Pharmacology: [email protected]

Dr. Sushil Sharma Professor [email protected] 8551896960
Dr. Madhav Rao Associate Professor [email protected] 9043942768
Dr. Gaurav Manikrao Rangari Assistant Professor [email protected] 9953961148
Dr. Arup Kumar Misra Assistant Professor [email protected] 9501988533
Dr. Phulen Sarma Assistant Professor

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: [email protected]

Dr. Amol Khade Assistant Professor [email protected] 9373404138

Physiology: [email protected]

Dr. Satish Dipankar Additional Professor [email protected] 9923030375
Dr. Amudharaj.D Associate Professor, Associate Dean, Student Welfare [email protected] 9994313222
Dr. Senthil Kumar S Associate Professor [email protected] 9962267560
Dr. Senthil Velou M Assistant Professor [email protected] 9944540994
Dr. Afreen Begum Hasansab Itagi Assistant Professor [email protected] 8224898881
Dr. G. Sunil Naik Assistant Professor [email protected] 9703959171

Pulmonary Medicine: [email protected]

Dr. Adimulam Ganga Ravindra Assitant Professor [email protected] 8098354127

Psychiatry: [email protected]

Dr. Vijaya Chandra Reddy Avula Additional Professor [email protected] 9949013005
Dr. Shashidhara M Associate Professor [email protected] 8110045494
Dr. Jaiganesh Assistant Professor [email protected] 9894936782

Radiodiagnosis: [email protected]

Dr. Prudhvinath Reddy.A Assistant Professor [email protected] 9900457969
Dr. Yugandhar S Assistant Professor [email protected] 99302 37652
Dr. Vivek Lanka Assistant Professor [email protected] 9968511464
Dr. Arumulla Mithilesh Assistant Professor 8247618283


Dr. Kesava Ramgopal Adavikolanu Associate Professor [email protected] 9491331850
Dr. Ajay Kumar Kondeti Assistant Professor [email protected] 7989599004
Dr. Soorej Balan Kaliyath Assistant Professor [email protected] 9895065218
Mr. Akkupalle Vijaya Kumar Medical Pysicist and RSO [email protected] 9700257543

Surgical Oncology: [email protected]

Dr. Hemant Kumar Singh Assistant Professor [email protected] 8903306321

Transfusion Medicine and Hemotherapy: [email protected]

Dr. I S Chaitanya Kumar Associate Professor [email protected] 9440106689
Dr. Anand Bodade Assistant Professor [email protected] 8080889764
Dr. Anila Mani Senior Resident 9656163779

Trauma & Emergency Medicine:

Dr. Vemula Anjani Priya Assistant Professor [email protected] 9652607781
Dr. Hari Deep Yellamilli Assistant Professor [email protected] 8639541470

Urology: [email protected]

Dr. V Bhargavareddy Kanchi Assistant Professor [email protected] 9491990711

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