Jamui District Administration Officers Contact Number

The Jamui District Administration is responsible for the overall governance and administration of the Jamui district in the Indian state of Bihar. The district administration is headed by the Deputy Commissioner, who acts as the chief executive officer of the district and is responsible for the maintenance of law and order, collection of revenue, and overall development of the district.

The district administration is assisted by several departments such as the Revenue Department, the Health Department, the Education Department, the Police Department, and the Agriculture Department, among others. The administration also works in close coordination with the elected representatives of the district, including the Members of the Legislative Assembly and the Members of Parliament.

The district administration is committed to the welfare of the people and is constantly working towards providing better services to the citizens. It is responsible for implementing various government schemes and programs aimed at improving the standard of living of the people in the district. The district administration also provides support and assistance to various non-government organizations working for the betterment of the people in the district.

Designation Mobile No. Office/Residence Email ID
Commissioner¬† Munger 9431236740 06344-222386 (O), 06344-222571 (R) [email protected]
District Collector & Magistrate Jamui 9473191404 06345-222002 (O), 06345-222002 (R) [email protected]
D.D.C 9431818371 06345-222343 (O), 06345-222269 (R) [email protected]
ADM Jamui 9473191405 06345-223688 (O), 06345-222267 (R) [email protected]
ADM (PGRO) 8544423675 [email protected]
Civil Surgeon Jamui 9470003337 csjamui222820[at]gmail.com
DLAO 9431049174
Director DRDA 9431818428 06345-222117
NDC 9431818428
ADSS 9955327255 [email protected]
District Transport Officer Jamui 6202751062 [email protected]
District Supply Officer Jamui 8544426116 [email protected]
SDO Jamui 9473191406 [email protected]
DCLR 8544412330 06345-224558 [email protected]
DPO (ICDS) 9431005056 [email protected]
DPRO 8789868103 06345-224740 [email protected]
Sub. Divisional PGRO 9304016388 [email protected]
DPRO (Suchna Jan Sampark) 6287594814 [email protected], [email protected]
Treasury Officer 9473191407 06345-224277 [email protected]
DIO, NIC 9431251662 06345-224442 [email protected]
Senior Dy. Collector 9334737510
Election Officer Jamui 7050402390, 8544429897 06345-224747 [email protected]
Jamui Mining Officer
Jamui Fishery Officer 9431191553 [email protected]
Jamui Welfare Officer 9472528062 [email protected]
DMWO 8987599105 06345-224610 [email protected]
Labour Superintendent Jamui 9934199500 [email protected]
Executive Officer(Nagar Parishad) 9631207975 [email protected]
DCO 7004248291 [email protected]
DM SFC 9430463597 [email protected]
District Dairy-Development Officer
District Animal Husbandry Officer 7004001155 [email protected]
Commercial Tax Commissioner 9470001719 06345-222405
District Sub-Registar 9470647860 06345-224716 [email protected]
General Manager, DIC 7320923237
Jamui Agriculture Officer 9431818750 06345-232700 [email protected]
Jamui Education Officer 8544411368 06345-224124 [email protected]
B.D.O. Jamui 9431818268 [email protected]
B.D.O. KHAIRA 9431818273 [email protected]
B.D.O. GIDHOUR 9431818589 [email protected]
B.D.O. JHAJHA 9431818270 [email protected]
B.D.O. SONO 9431818271 [email protected]
B.D.O. CHAKAI 9431818267 [email protected]
B.D.O. BARHAT 9431818587 [email protected]
B.D.O. LAXMIPUR 9431818269 [email protected]
B.D.O. SIKANDRA 9431818272 [email protected]
B.D.O. I.NAGAR ALIGANJ 9431818588 [email protected]
C.O. Jamui 8544412567 [email protected]
C.O. KHAIRA 8544412569 [email protected]
C.O. GIDHOUR 8544412565 [email protected]
C.O. JHAJHA 8544412568 [email protected]
C.O. SONO 8544412572 [email protected]
C.O. CHAKAI 8544412564 [email protected]
C.O. BARHAT 8544412563 [email protected]
C.O. LAXMIPUR 8544412570 [email protected]
C.O. SIKANDRA 8544412571 [email protected]
C.O. I.NAGAR ALIGANJ 8544412566 [email protected]
CDPO JAMUI 94.1005586
CDPO KHAIRA 9431005588
CDPO GIDHOUR 9431005594
CDPO JHAJHA 9431005587
CDPO SONO 9431005591
CDPO CHAKAI 9431005585
CDPO BARHAT 9431005593
CDPO LAXMIPUR 9431005589
CDPO SIKANDRA 9431005590
Jamui Post Office 9430034220
Khaira Post Office 8051448378
Gidhour Post Office 9430935832
Jhajha Post Office 9162304246
Sono Post Office 9006633544
Chakai Post Office 9955391198
Barhat Post Office 9771673141
Laxmipur Post Office 9431613073
Sikandra Post Office 9934021819
I.Nagar Aliganj Post Office 9934021818
Jamui Police Station 9431822659 06345-222007
Khaira Police Station 9431822660 06345-258523
Sikandra Police Station 9431822666 06345-248339
Chandradeep Police Station 9572667227
Malaypur Police Station 9431822668 06348-232014
Barahat Police Station 9431822667 06348-261019
Laxmipur Police Station 9431822661
Gidhour Police Station 9162754570
Jhajha Police Station 9431822662 06349-223132
Sono Police Station 9431822663 06349-254342
Chakai Police Station 9431822664
Chandramandi Police Station 9431822665
Simultalla Police Station 9431822670 06349-256029
Charka Patthar Police Station 9931676775
Mahila (Ladies) Police Station Jamui 9304902184
ST/SC Police Station Jamui 9801121853

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